Club Viva Futian

Club Viva opened some time ago in Coco Park North (Shopping Park) but has now extended into what was previously Clover restaurant. The word is that eventually they will offer a range of tapas along with The latest music and DJ from around China. With a pool table and large outdoor area, this is the place to be seen and make new friends. Club Viva is the sister club to D Club In Shekou.

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  1. Well Scott,

    Your readers hope it’s not just “content” but rather quality of content that is useful and INFORMATIVE. Websites need “content” for a number of reasons while the community needs a lot less than that – they only need to know SZ Standard is accurate and useful. Are you planning on having the quality come later while you work on content? Best sooner now that you are live. It seems as if you are charged with writing the entertainment sections so :

    Reviews should include the physical address and any tricks about getting there, phone numbers, signature dishes, other things on the menu, prices, specials, best time to go, opening and closing times, atmosphere, upcoming events,personalities if they exist and possibly a message from the owner to his patrons or those thinking about coming. Reviews often mention the experience the author had. Let them know you’re coming beforehand and get treated like a king or make your own evaluation as a fly on the wall. Should be easy for proprietors to send you a photo or two of the actual place, a sample dish, a frosty beer or a decent-looking staff member. Can you tell I’ve consulted on this before?

    Doesn’t Word Press have a directory add-on whereby establishments can upload their own basic info and then you edit it. Up to the SZS crew but encouraging them to do that and make your reviews the info that fills in the gaps may be worth consideration.

    Correct spelling and grammar always keeps punters silent if you’re a native speaker… and… finally…plural of DJ is DJ’s and businessman IS one word mate.

    On your side.

    Go for it.

    SZ is counting in you.

  2. Hi JK,

    thanks for the positive reply. We appreciate it alot. And Thanks for viewing our site before other sites in the city.

    At the moment we are trying to upload as much content as possible to cover as much as possible, in a short time and short handed.

    Please let us know what you would like in a review. This is not so much a review, but a “directory listing” reviews are always done truthfully and honestly.

  3. It’s just satisfying to read decent reviews that offer more information about a place. Right ??? Have a look at other sites, newspapers and magazines. I mean spelling and grammatical correctness is often too much to expect from a Chinese national…ahem… but a review can sometimes be the reason one elects to go OR not to go. Venue owners appreciate this. Ask yourselves. I want to advertise my restaurant beside a favorable comprehensive review! Food for thought maybe. I love what the crew is doing with Shenzhen Standard and I often look here before Shenzhen Party these days. Keep up the great work DJ’s…

  4. Wow. Comprehensive. Club Viva must appreciate this publicity. Can’t wait to read the other reviews. Is this for SEO? No apologies guys….someone has to say it. I suppose the ad makes it all worthwhile.

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