Government to move Shenzhen Safari Park to a new location

Government to moved Shenzhen Safari Park in a new locationShenzhen Safari Park will be moved to a different location to further improve facilities and better development. City urban planning commission propose the relocation at the annual session of the city advisory body last March.

The government is looking for alternative locations in communities located in the Bao’an District, Guangming New Zone, Pingshan New Zone and Longgang District. The government is in favor in transferring the park in the Maluan community in the Pingshan New Zone but haven’t decided yet. According to the planning commission over a square kilometer of land in Maluan Suburban Park would be designated for the new zoo, since the park has a variety of vegetation. The problem that the commission is facing is the transportation to the area is inconvenient forcing the government to reconsider. The commission will be planning to solicit public opinion on the relocation project.

The zoo vice general manager Huang Xianda said many of the zoo workers are against the relocation since many of them have been working and living in the zoo for so many years. Huang said that it took them 17 years to built the zoo from a barren land and they won’t agree to transfer to another barren land. Huang also worries about the relocation of the zoo animals saying it won’t be easy since the zoo have more than 1,000 animals of around 300 species.

A city legislator called for the relocation of the safari park, stating that the relocation is for the public benefit since zoos should never be close to populated areas. Zoos close to populated areas  poses a danger to public health in events of disease outbreaks.