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Out Door training OUT-DOOR TRAINING:

Out door training is great for building strength and overall fitness. You’ll be surprised how challenging a high impact routine outside in the park or in your living room can be compared to training in the gym.

In my training routines that i provide for my clients I have what I call the basic movements, which are

1. Pushups,

2. Pull-ups,

3. Squats,

4. Dips.

Nobody ever outgrows the effectiveness of those exercises. What it’s all about is implementing these basic movements into a full body routine and not only that, but make these movements challenging, involving rep ranges, time frames, cycles etc.

Everyone will of course improve from 3 sets of 10 reps of these basic movements so from there, numbers need to change and variations need to be added so strength and fitness goals continue to improve.

One example of progressing these basic movements can be – instead of doing a basic flat push-up, elevate your feet, change the position of your hands, perform power push-ups, where you explode up lifting your hands off the ground.

The same variations can apply for the other  movements.

Tips and Suggestions:

>>Use a time or distance element to dictate intensity rather than counting reps.

Timed station circuits work really well for two reasons:  1) if you are a beginner you don’t feel bad about not reaching a certain rep range, and 2) you can go at your own pace as all you need to do is stick within the time frame, say, a minute rather than 20 reps.

>>Perform exercises that can be easily and quickly modified.

For example, for dips on a bar, if you can’t do dips with your own bodyweight, have a couple of steps or blocks underneath the bar and use your legs for assistance.

>>Out door Training and any training for that mater is most effective the more compound the movement, so avoid single joint, isolation movements, and instead work your whole body in one movement.


The most effective means of resistance is bodyweight. Bodyweight is an incredible tool, and it’s much easier to scale than external weight or resistance bands.

Other means of resistance that I like to use in my training routines are:

Medicine balls,


Boxes or steps

Elastic bands

Skip Rope



With rings on a rope, you can do pulling exercises like pull-ups and rows, you can put them down low and do unstable pushups, you can put them at waist-height and do dips, the exercises are almost limitless.

Parallel Bars

With parallel bars, you can do pushups on the top, you can do dips, you can get underneath them and row up, you can use them for hurdles, L-sits, you can crawl under them, etc.

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John Graham


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