Who Done It in Grade 5?

Who Done It in Grade 5?Fifth grade has begun a unit on mystery writing!  Currently, we are exploring what is unique about mysteries!

We have begun by looking at the elements of mystery writing including the basic structure.  In the introduction, we meet the characters and learn about the problem.  Next is the body of the story where someone is working to solve the mystery, and in the conclusion, the mystery is solved.

In class, we have been reading and taking about this genre and the different characteristics that create a ‘who done it’. This includes characters, setting, plot, details, clues, red herrings, witnesses, hunches, suspects, and a solution. In some of these discussions we asked: what are clues? In what order did the clues appear? What predictions can we make based on these clues?

In writing a mystery, it is important that students arrange characters and events in order for the story to make sense.  We will look at how to introduce clues and distractions, how the characters are brought into the story, and how to break up the story with a beginning, middle, and an end.

It’s no mystery that the fifth graders are really enjoying this unit!

I am poetry

Throughout this year, grade five students are studying poetry with the enduring understanding that poetry is words that evoke images and feelings in the reader. Here is an example of an I AM poem by Alex Kim:

I’m funny, curious, and weird

I laugh and draw and read

I’m a student and bookworm and a kid

I sound like thunder crashing to the ground

I feel like a crazy taxi driver driving

I move like a wolf looking for food and I look like a little monkey running

I’m as noisy as a big group of fatty elephants and as quiet as a black cat creeping in the dark night

I wait for a misty Christmas

I long to be President

I hope for happiness in my family

I dream of becoming an artist

My name is Alex Kim

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