Transmission towers blamed for cancer deaths

Transmission towers blamed for cancer deathsThe death of a 55 year old old from cancer in a residential portion in Dongmen in Luohu District, spark a longtime concern on the effects of a power transmission tower located in the estate. Residents suspected that the medium waves emitted by the transmission tower was the cause of cancer in which ten people have already died in the past ten years.

The transmission tower belongs to Shenzhen medium wave relay station, where two towers have been already installed in the People’s Park in Louhu. According to a former electronic technician in his experience and knowledge that transmission towers have negative effects on people’s health.

Before the construction of the residential estate four transmission towers were already erected in the Dongmen area which was a barren land. Construction started in the 1980’s and one tower was demolished in 1997 to make was for property development. Residents demanded the towers to be relocated in the year 2005. City environment authority conducted inspections and found that the radiations levels on the estate exceed the national standards.

A new site is already being prepared in Shiyan in Bao’an District which still needs time and government funding. Officials of the relay stations denied any connection between the cancer  and the medium waves emitted by the towers, stating the they have technicians and engineers working in the station which was very close to radiations and none of them develop cancer.

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