Slaughter of dogs and cats for meat to be legalized

Slaughter of dogs and cats for meat to be legalizeThe Bao’an district is planning to legalize the killing of cats and dogs for meat, for the reasons that its tradition to eat dogs and cats in the area. The sub-district also planned to apply for provincial intangible cultural heritage that will list dog cuisine.

Its also the office duty to promote legalization of slaughtering cats and dogs and put safe meat on the table as stated by one unidentified official. This is a very difficult task for the office since it would be unreasonable to shut down slaughter houses, since people have been eating dog meat in the winter for over a hundred years. It would be also difficult to punish unlicensed slaughter houses since it was no law in slaughtering cats and dogs. The only thing they can do is demolish the unlicensed slaughter houses.

All dogs were brought from Northern China and there is nothing wrong in killing and selling dogs for food because its tradition in China. Owners of the slaughter houses have quarantine certificates. China plans to draft a law in regulating the eating dog and cat meat to prevent animals for being mistreated. Experts will draft a law that will prohibit eating, selling, killing cant and dogs for meat.

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