White Horse Laboratories Week 50 Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 50 Quality ReportElectrical Testing – 76% Pass     Physical Inspection – 83% Accept

In Week 50, White Horse facilitated USD144,606.00 in successful transactions!

Week 50 saw a small run on substandard/counterfeit STMicroelectronics devices, finding parametric failures using our discrete ATE tester. Otherwise volume remained consistent with increases in electrical test results on other device types.

Be on the lookout, though, for the following high risk devices*:

STMicroelectronics STB40NF20, 81% failure (date code 0713) – high gate threshold volthage, Vgs(th) and high on-state drain-to-source resistance, Rds(on).

STMicroelectronics STTH812G-TR, 100% failure (date code 0935) – high reverse leakage current, Ir.

STMicroelectronics STW80NE06-10, 8% failure (date codes 010, 014, and 025) – high gate-body leakage current, Igss.

AMD AM79C874VC, 43% failure (date code 0351) – open and short pins, damaged protection diodes, and heavily contaminated pins.

* Note: high risk is defined as devices with over a 5% failure rate in electrical testing.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and above all, its value.

Contact our Quality Consultants to discuss a Quality Assurance Program that will improve your bottom line.

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