White Horse Laboratories week 51 quality report

White Horse Laboratories week 51 quality reportElectrical Testing – 71% Pass
Physical Inspection – 82% Accept

In Week 51, White Horse facilitated USD34,233.00 in successful transactions!

Week 51 saw decreases in both the acceptance rate following inspection methods, and in pass ratings on electrical testing. Not surprisingly, shipping volume was affected, along with the beginning the holiday season.

Be on the lookout for the following high risk devices*:

AMD AM79C874VC, 43% failure (date code 0351) – open and shorted pins, damaged protection diodes, and heavily contaminated pins.

Information Storage Devices ISD2590P, 10% failure (date codes 0508 and 0518) – maximum recording and playback time differential to specified 90 seconds.

Information Storage Devices ISD2560P, 37% failure (date codes 0525 and 0530) – no playback, high SP outputs, cannot record, and maximum record times outside of 60 second +/- 2 second specification.

Taiwan Semiconductor TSM2301CX, 100% failure (no date code reference) – high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on), with several devices completely breaking down.

PMC HDMP-1022G, 5% failure (date codes 0938, 0921, 0908, and 0916) – open pins and bad protection diodes.

PMC HDMP-1024G, 7% failure (date codes 0931, 0913, 0923) – open pins and bad protection diodes.

Infineon IPD30N06S2L-12, 100% failure (no date code labeled) – high gate-source leakage current, Igss, and high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on).

Vishay BYS11-90, 100% failure (no date code labeled) – high reverse current, Ir. Parts actually the 80V version rather than requested 90V.

Panasonic DS4E-M-DC24V, 10% failure (date code 0104) – contacts not closing when the relay is energized.

Intel N80C196KB16, 5% failure (date code 0413) – short pins and bad protection diodes.

Texas Instruments TMS320VC33PGEA120 (date code 0120) – open and short pins, bad protection diodes, and bent pins.

* Note: high risk is defined as devices with over a 5% failure rate in electrical testing.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and above all, its value.

Contact our Quality Consultants to discuss a Quality Assurance Program that will improve your bottom line.

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