Buyers warned of rampant counterfeit Chinese artworks

Buyers warned of of rampant counterfeit Chinese artworksA veteran collector of paintings and calligraphy is regretting his purchase of three works which he bought for 200,000 yuan. he recently found out that the works he bought were fakes after he examined the works closely after noticing something was wrongs with the purchased works.

The works were bought at an auction organized by the China Guardian Auctions Company one of the major auction house in China. The veteran bought the works to several art connoisseurs, who confirmed his suspicion that the works he bought were all counterfeit and not originals. The art veteran is not alone since the introduction of modern printing technology is very advanced that people are unable to tell prints from the genuine artworks. The only people that can distinguish a forgery from an authentic are professional painters by examining the colors and paper texture that were used in making the artworks.

One collector even showed him an art work which was bought for 5 million yuan and was then found out to be an ink jet print. The U.S. based Hewlett Packard developed a pigment printing equipment three years ago that can produce prints almost same as the original works. The ink jet printing technology was introduced in China and had fueled the development of the copying industry. Newer printing technology can even print traditional Chinese paintings that features color gradient.

Painting experts have been authenticating and verifying paintings and calligraphy at the Palace Museum and they find it extremely hard to identify a high quality imitation from a genuine one. The veteran collector plans to sue the Auction House for verifying the three works if they were original or imitations.

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