More graduates are opening online shops for better money

More graduates are opening online shops for better money A recent online survey showed that around half of the graduate students in Shenzhen prefer to work and support themselves running online shops rather than working and getting a low salary. Students operating online shops said it was better than taking low paying work.

Finding work is difficult , and even if the students can find a job it wouldn’t  be their dream job. They think they are better off running the online shops which can support the needs and at the same time give them job experiences. A joint survey also showed that a majority of Guangzhou university students are also thinking of doing the same thing while waiting for better job opportunities.

A fresh graduate can find work that pays about 2,000 yuan a month, graduates running online shops can generate the same amount of money in just a week. At the same time the graduates can learn marketing and communication skills. Opening on line shops is very popular with university students, since it cost very little and you only need a computer, digital camera and ID card to get started.

Statistics showed that 40 percent of online shops are owned by university students, and their shops sell all kinds of things and they usually make from 1,000 to 4,500 yuan a month with some even making more than 10,000 yuan a month. however some teachers say that graduates staying at home all day and running their shops is not good since they lose the chance to experience face to face communications and work relationships in offices. Having work experience in a low paying job will eventually lead to better or dream jobs that they are dreaming off.

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  1. i do agree with you that be encouraged for entrepreneurial for youngers。but it should be consider more elements or environments。if the online business only for escaping the reality 。the entrepreneurial is just a bullshit。

  2. If opportunities exist for hard working entrepreneurial graduates to start their own businesses, either offline or online, shouldn’t that be encouraged? As their businesses grow they will need to hire employees and this is good for the economy as a whole. Why should graduates work for 2,000RMB if they can generate more with their online businesses?

  3. if graduates run the online shop to replace the office job thats disappointed for them。 people should achieve their dream career or life gradually。no one can get it by one day that why people say no pain no gain. most chinese youngers only want to get without giving。thats absolutely suck。

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