White Horse Laboratories Quality Report Week 2, 2011

White Horse Laboratories Quality Report Week 2, 2011Physical Inspection – 56% Accepted Electrical Testing – 35% Passed

In the second week of 2011, White Horse facilitated USD98,750.00 in reliable component purchases.

The second week of the New Year had perhaps the lowest quality rating on record, with record high failure rates in electrical testing with correspondingly poor condition of the devices. While this isn’t uncommon during the weeks preceding the Lunar New Year holiday, it is a reminder of the importance of having a quality control program.

  • Texas Instruments TLV2371IDBVR, 10% failure (no date code traceability) – previously used components that were broken and had no output.
  • ON Semiconductor NTD24N06T4G, 51% failure (Date Codes 0835) – high on-state drain-source resistance, Rds(on), low gate threshold voltage, Vgs(th), and high on-state drain-source voltage, Vds(on).
  • ON Semiconductor NJT4030PT1G, 100% failure (Date Code 0935) – high saturation voltage, Vce(sat), and low dircect current gain, Hfe.
  • Integrated Device Technologies IDT77211L155PQF, 15% failure (Date Codes 0817, 0825, 0826, and 0828) – open pins and bad protection diodes.
  • Little Fuse/Teccor P3300AA61, 100% failure (Date Code 8F0MJ) – high VT (part not switching), low Vs and Vdrm, and high IS (part not turning on).
  • Infineon TLE5206-2G, 100% failure (Date Code 0432) – 18% have EF pin flagged when the output is low and 82% have outputs not corresponding to the input.
  • Information Storage Devices ISD2560P, 53% failure (Date Code 0530) – 27% for high and low playback time, 6% have no response, 11% cannot play back, 5% cannot record, and 4% have corrupted recorded data.
  • Fairchild Semiconductor/Truesemi ISL9R18120G2, 46% failure (no date code on label or marked on devices) – high reverse current, Ir.
  • Texas Instruments TPS6104DBVR, 100% failure (Date Code 0934) – parts start to switch below the specified enable value of 1.3V and non-regulated output voltage.
  • Dallas/Maxim DS2431+, 100% failure (Date Code 0933) – program and verify errors.
  • Pansonic EET-HC2C102SA, 46% failure (no date code on label or marked on devices) – high capacitance (mixed devices, high capacitance ratings tightly grouped and consistant).
  • International Rectifier IRAMS10UP60B, 13% failure (no date code on label or marked on devices) – low bootstrap voltage.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and, above all, its value.

Contact our Quality Consultants to discuss a Quality Assurance Program that will improve your bottom line.

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