Welcome the Year of the Rabbit

Welcome the Year of the RabbitThe year of the Tiger have passed and the year of the Rabbit is here, marking the start of the Chinese Spring Festival. during this time Chinese people get rid of old beliefs and bring in the new ones. When doing this the Chinese people always look pride with pride on what they have accomplished and look forward to new ones.

People still don’t know that their are only a few difference between the rabbit and a hare, both are mammals and the rabbit have a rat like head, big ears and short tail. The rabbit is good at jumping and running. The hare almost looks like a rabbit but it has longer ears ans longer hind legs.

Occupying the fourth position in the Chinese zodiac, rabbit symbolizes traits such as creativity, compassion and sensitivity. Rabbits are also friendly, outgoing  and prefers the company of others. Rabbits avoid conflict, and in confrontational situations they approach calmly with consideration to the other party. Rabbits strongly believe in friends and family and lack of these bonds will lead to emotional issues. Rabbits are comfortable at home, and this is where rabbits prefer to entertain and homes are always neat and organized.

Rabbits don’t show their feelings or usually visibly upset or stressed , because they tens to keep feeling inside and seldom express themselves. Keeping these feelings cause the rabbit to fell ill and rabbits can benefit from everyday activities which can help reduce their stress levels and improve health.

Rabbits are sexual and tend to give more of themselves, this can lead to unrealistic expectations and unhealthy situations. They need partners that will not take advantage of the rabbits giving nature. This type of pairing will be strong. Rabbits are good communicators and very articulate, that is why the rabbits friends always seek their advice. Rabbit can also make good politicians and diplomats. Rabbits can also excel in the fields of writing, publishing, acting, fashion design, therapy, public relations and teaching.

The rabbit is most compatible with the pig and dog and incompatible with the rooster and rat.

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