Sea World Disaster Relief Effort

Sea World Disaster Relief EffortYou’d have to be blind and deaf not to have noticed the construction going on in Sea World these days. Although it’s a bit of an inconvenience, all your favorite bars and restaurants are still open during the remodeling. In fact, some are even launching some great promotions.

Mention the Sea World Disaster Relief Effort Video (see below) at any of these participating locations in Sea World Square, Shekou, Shenzhen throughout the month of March and get these great “buy one get one free” drink specials:

~ The Terrace: Buy one get one free (Heineken)
~ Rock n Roll Pub: Buy one get one free (Whisky Tonic and/or Tiger Beer)
~ Enigma Bar – Music & Lounge: Buy one get one free (Shots and/or Tiger Beer)
~ X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant: Buy one get one free (Vodka Tonic and/or San Miguel Beer)

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  1. Jason Holladay

    Love the video, nice to see people pulling together.

  2. Cute video!

  3. Haha, cool video. Good luck Seaworld during these difficult times, we’ll keep coming!

  4. Considering the frequency of real disasters in the world (e.g. the Christchurch earthquake) this is in rather poor taste!!

    • Adam, get a life, this is a bit of fun for hard working business owners in Shekou. You obviously have zero taste!

    • Dear Adam,

      My name is Gary, I’m the founder of Holy Kongzi and the producer of the video.

      Athough this video was produced before the Christchurch earthquake, I did consult some people from Christchurch after the earthquake and received reassurances from them that they found it humourous and a bit of fun doing otherwise difficult times. This is the point of the video. Enjoy

      Oh and for the record, Marshall… cute? Really? Funny, yes; in bad taste, possibly; but cute? Come on.


      • Ok it’s more than cute! It’s a testament to your creativity and the bedrock of Sea World’s continued success!

  5. Ha! That’s funny…

    Drink specials look good too. Bless you, Seaworld bar owners! May you weather the storm well…

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