White Horse Laboratories Week 8 Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 8 Quality ReportPhysical Inspection – 84% Accepted    Electrical Testing – 80% Passed

In the 8th week of 2011, White Horse facilitated USD133,015.00 in reliable component purchases.

Week 8 saw more stability in overall quality levels, with a slight increase in mechanical/visual and a decrease in electrical test results.

  • Infineon BTS432E2, 17% failure (Date Code 0821) - no output current and failed switching.
  • Vishay/Siliconix SFH6943-3, 100% failure (Date Code 0624) – high collector to emitter leakage, showing that they have a breakdown voltage below 70V.
  • Texas Instruments OPA4130UA, 8.5% failure (Date Code 0930) – 6% with distored outputs, 2.5% with no output in one or more channels.
  • STMicroelectronics BTA26-800B, 100% failure (Date Code 0922) – 4th quadrant gate-threshold current, Igt, and gate-threshold voltage, Vgt, with higher than specification readings, all other parameters passing.

Dallas/Maxim DS1245W-11+, 40% failure (Date Code 1010) - program and verify error.

Quality drives a company’s reputation, its bottom line and, above all, its value.

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