Marco Loglio shares his love for culture

Marco Loglio shares his love for culture Critics say that Shenzhen is a city without cultural roots, but some expatriates beg to differ. Most of them suggests that cultural tourism is one of the city’s pillar industries and they are urging people to protect their disappearing cultural features.

Iltalian Marco Loglio have been living in Shenzhen for almost ten years now and during his time he have been to Dapeng Peninsula, DongChong and Xichong so many times to do hiking and protecting this precious areas. He even wrote articles and participated in TV programs that call on and encourages people to protect these areas and even organized hiking activities for expatriates to show them how beautiful Shenzhen is.

Loglio, 55, and the CEO of the Hong Kong based Marco Loglio Consultancy Agency developed a love for hiking when his was a boy, and he hiked everyday to places to discover and enjoy old cultural sites and traditions. In 2000, he came to live in Shenzhen offering advice and services to Chinese companies on electric cars and have been commuting from Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Loglio started hiking shortly after he arrived in Shenzhen, Loglio discovered that near the busy city center are untouched areas where one can visit abandoned villages, forests, waterfalls and lakes. One can even see spectacular scenery and rare animals. Loglio also found areas that were nice for hiking in places like Dapeng Peninsula and was engrossed with the local culture. A lot of art and culture can be found in Dapeng and Loglio found himself traveling to Dapeng almost everyday.

Unfortunately as time passes, several of this cultural sites are torn down to give way to towering skyscrapers or factories, this worried Loglio. He said cultural sites such as old architecture, villages and scuptures must be preserved like what they are doing in Italy. Once this are destroyed it can never be brought back. People should stop destroying this cultural heritage and people should call on the government to start protecting them.

In 2006 inspired by his passion for culture, Loglio lend a hand in writing the book “Finding Roots in Shenzhen” to create interest in old culture in Shenzhen. in the same year he also helped Shenzhen TV to produce the program “Shenzhen Memories” which is all about old villages in the Dapeng Peninsula. Through the TV program he was also able to introduce the civilization and culture of the people in the abandoned Hakka villages. Hakka people have a unique culture as well as architecture and traditions, which Loglio is sure can attract the curiosity of people from all over the world.

Since Loglio have been traveling to different cities in the Guangdong province and other nearby areas, that gradually some of the expatriates living in the areas started asking for his advice on where to go hiking. Loglio then started to organize hikes for them to find cultural roots of Shenzhen. Loglio also started writing articles for the Shenzhen Asian Culture Society that provides travel guidance to expatriates. Loglio prefers natural scenery over man made attractions, and in his opinion companies like the OCT group and the municipal government should invest more in protecting old architecture and sites rather than imitating other architecture.

Loglio book “Shenzhen Hikes, Volume 1: Dapeng Peninsula” is being sold in local bookstores right now and have won the Shenzhen Asian Culture Society’s Cultural Award in January.

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