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Hello, I am Forrest Xie and I live in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is located in China’s southern part in the Guangdong province and it is right next to Hong Kong. I think Shenzhen is a very nice place for me to live because, it is clean and there are a lot of friends that I know and they live in Shenzhen. I already have lived in Shenzhen for 4 years and in those years Ihave experienceda lot of things.For example where the best shopping malls are in Nanshan and even climbed the Wutong Mountain (Shenzhen’s highest mountain)! I didn’t even know that there would be any international schools in Shenzhen, but now I learn at QSI International School of Shekou and found the best teacher in the UNIVERSE! I even experienced that Longgang is the biggest piece of land in Shenzhen! In some ways, I think that Shenzhen is bad because I had a lot of friends while I was in Shanghai and now I lost them, but the good thing is that I made new friends in my new school.I have made more than eight friends that I can’t even remember them. I even experienced that when I came to our new house in Shenzhen, the land around us had nothing and we can even see the Shenzhen bay bridge, but after two years, the land around us was covered with buildings and dirt; mud (to make subways and buildings) and not just that was changing even, the road to our school was changing! The first time we went to school it took us 30 minutes, because was in a curve, and as you know, curves are a lot slower than driving in a straight line so it took us that long, but now we only need 20, because the government built a shortcut in the middle of the curve and it is straight, so of course it will be faster, because first of all it is a shortcut, and second it is straight. I have some bad experiences in Shenzhen like the traffic, because every day when its 17:00am there will be about 50 cars on each road which becomes traffic jam. My favorite place to go is Sea World because, because there are a lotof things to do for example, dining and is a good attraction. For all of these experiences (even the bad experiences), I think that Shenzhen will be a city that I will live in for a very longtime!

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