“Discovering Tea Valley”

This was a special day for me in Shenzhen…

It was the day that I went to a place called Tea Valley in the east of Shenzhen with my sister and father. We took the highway from Nanshan ,but could not find the right exit from the highway. W e drove several times in front of a small road, and it was confusing. Then my father decided to take the small road, we reached a police check and a barrier, he  talked with them and they laughed as my father’s Chinese is not good and their English also, but  after some time they agreed to let us go up to the mountain. We went up, it was a big mountain, and the road was very rough and very steep. There, on a field all of a sudden we saw a Chinese warplane; it was really old and had been there for a long time, it was in the middle of a children playground.

The road was very long and it was like the endless road I ever saw. It was also very curly and extremely high. After we drove some more, we saw some old Buddhist temples, they were very beautiful. When we reached the top of the mountain, we saw a very nice lake, and on the side of the lake there was a dam, which had small road on top. After we crossed the road, suddenly we saw the Tea Valley. Finally we had made it. We parked the car in a good place and we took the tea valley train, which was very slow, but still it was very nice. The color of the tracks was red and it looked like a stairway holder. Inside the train was white and outside it had a lot of colours but the top speed is like two kilometres per hour. When  it was over, we went to a garden which was very beautiful. The color of the flowers was like rainbow colors. The bushes were nicely organized and shaped, so they can also protect the flowers. In the middle, there was an interesting curly path and it was very long. We passed through it really fast and we   went to a place where they had a fake (real) snow and they had a big snowman. When passed through there were so many people visiting some small shops where they had mostly girl stuff but not for the big boys. Then we visited the hotel in the tea valley and had lunch there, inside the restaurant the walls were painted with trees and flowers, it was very nice, and I ate some good food. After lunch I saw a train with a princess inside of the train and she was waving to everyone also she was waving to me she was also singing some songs, but then it got cold and dark so we decided to go back home, but then we decided to take the normal road.

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