My experience in Shenzhen

Help! I am riding the jet coaster and it is turning so much! It’s going upside down now! I wish this was a dream. I closed my eyes waiting for this ride to be over. 15 minutes later it was finally over.

I felt dizzy. Suddenly I bumped to someone and it was my grandma. She was waiting for me. I said to her “I will never ride the jet coaster in Happy Valley again.”  She took me to a place that I never went in before. I thought it was some kind of ride again, but it wasn’t.

She took me to a garden in Happy Valley. There were flowers all over the bushes and trees that grew neatly. I walked around and around the flowery bushes but something made me jump. It was something squishy with four legs was on my hand. I slowly   turned my eyes to my left hand. It had taken me a while to scream. I shook my left hand as hard as I could. When I was sure the spider was off my hand, I ran away from this garden as fast as my feet could carry me. I stopped at where my grandma was standing. She asked me what are you scared of?”I saw a spider and it crawled on my hand!’’ She said don’t be scared of little spiders. But it’s disgusting’’

Next we had gone to the merry-go-round, I rode on a horse that has lots of flowers on it. I liked the soft romantic music the Merry-go-round played. When I just flicked my head to one direction I saw a boat and it was floating on a river. I ran out from the gate and told my grandma I wanted to ride the boat, and she said it’s called the ‘‘Dream River’’

We lined up for 30 minutes and we are still waiting. Then at last we stepped on the boat and all of a sudden, the boat floated onto the clear blue water. I was   looking at the mossy wall beside me where lot of plants hanging. Suddenly water   splashed high up into the sky!  That scared me. Next I saw a tunnel that is very black inside, but something funny happened. When my grandma and I entered the dark spooky tunnel there was cold mists shoots out from a hole. The mists felt wet. I didn’t like it. At last the ride was over.

I had already planned where to go, next. I really wanted to play the prize game, and I begged my grandma. I won a small little duck, 6 teddy bears and 1 dog.

Soon the night was coming and I had to go home. I wish I could stay longer. But we have to eat with my family tonight.

Submitted By: Chie Sakaguchi

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