My experiences in Shenzhen

At Shenzhen I often go to a shop called Rainbow. At Rainbow I eat, shop, and play. It’s the closest shop to my home so I go to rainbow at least once a week!

At Rainbow there are lots of restaurants and places to go. Some of the places that I can go are Hot Pot Republic, Ajisen La Mian, Mian Dian Wang, KFC, Mac Donalds, and lots of other restaurants. For fun, there’s Fun Do Land, Westlink, Ice-Cream shops, and some Lego shops.

My family usually goes to Hot Pot Republic to eat. Our family likes to eat there. So we mostly ate meat, fish balls, vegetables, To fu, noodles, soda, potato, and beer. (I don’t drink beer! ^^) After we are finished eating I usually ate double cheese burger at Mac Donalds, and then I go shopping in Rainbow, and If I’m lucky, I get to go to Fun Do Land to play.

At Fun Do Land I play motorcycling, drum games, money machine, gun games, and basketball. When I play motorcycling, my best rank was the second place. It was close to get the first place! The motorcycling game has a motorcycle, 2 stopping buttons, and springs. It is flexible because of the springs but, it is hard to turn short curves.

Basketball is a game of just shooting as much as you can. When you play the drum game you need to go on the beat. If you miss, you will lose one point and start all over with the combo. When you play the gun game you need to kill the zombies and peoples. Sometimes I even killed my own team!

When I finish eating my mom is still shopping. She’s usually late so we have to get her. When my mom is finished shopping we have to catch a taxi, and go back home. Then we eat the delicious food at home that my mom bought at Rainbow!

Submitted By : Chris Eun Kim

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