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I live all the way in Nan Shan. I have school in Quality Schools International. My first year here, we had a very cool thing called a Lock In and only ONE field trip. If you wonder what did happen to me in school READ ON!

At the first day of school in QSI, Meg and Mia took me around. There were two new students in my class. Ms. Hammer is our teacher. We get our homework on Monday and we hand it in on Friday. On the first week, I knew I was in instruments class and the next week, I knew I was playing flute. I have some friends, too. They are Chie, Selin, and Emma. The strange thing is that I don’t know how I became friend of Chie, it is just like a mystery.

You can’t BELIVE this, WE GOT TO SLEEP IN SCHOOL! This means the whole school is ours! It is the BEST thing EVER! Wait, let me tell you what happened. I was late when I got there. I sat near Selin and Sandy in the MPR room. Chie was not coming. All of us ate pizza and had drinks. Then we could go to the game room, gym, computer room, and the atrium. Selin, Sandy, and I went to the game room. We had nothing to play, so we went to the atrium with a 13 years old girl. She took us from place to place. Then we went to the gym and learn how to juggle. After that we were all very thirsty, so we went back to the MPR room and drank water. There was only 15 minute left, so we stayed there in till it was time. Then all the nine years old went to watch a movie. It was the America’s funniest home video. Later, we had a big contest. Very soon it was over, time to sleep.

Do you REMRBER that I said about the only field trip? Now it is time for me to talk about it. We went to the Safari Park, it is a zoo. Usually, a zoo is very smell, but this is not. We saw a bird that looks like a dinosaur. It looks like a bird from the time of dinosaurs. There is a monkey that we copy from. We watch a tiger and lion show and when we came out, one of the white tiger nearly pees on us.

So, that was what had happened to me in school. The lock in was awesome and the only field trip of the year to the Safari Park was cool, too.

Submitted By : Jennifer  Zhu

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