The Prince

Once upon a time, in the grand kingdom of Shenzania, a young boy strolled out of a castle. This boy was none other than the royal prince Taj, heir to the throne. Peasants bowed their heads and waved at the sight of his gleaming, gem encrusted crown. He calmly hopped up into the royal carriage, which had been waiting for him. “Good day, Your Majesty”, said the driver. “To the academy?”. “Yes, please”, replied the prince. As they rode, the other vehicles swerved to make way for theirs. Observing from the window, Taj saw the usual morning activity. Stone masons chipped away at great blocks of rough stones while blacksmiths shaped white hot strips of dark iron.

“Dragon! Dragon! Run!” came a voice from the street. Taj’s hand flew to his scabbard. He jumped from the carriage, sword in hand. On the horizon, smoke was billowing from a cluster of straw huts. Lying in the grass a short distance away was a massive red beast. It had the wings of a bat and the razor sharp talons of an eagle. Shining in its head like jewels were two yellow eyes that burned with hatred. Its jaws were filled with curving fangs the size of a boars tusk. The prince had had a little sword training, but it wasn’t stunning. Hardly enough to fend off a fire breathing monster. He took one last look at his kingdom, then charged towards the Dragon.

On a gloomy, overcast Monday in Shenzhen, a young boy strolled out of an apartment. This boy was Taj DeHart, every day student at QSI International School. His neighbors nodded and waved when they spotted him. He calmly hopped up into the taxi, which had been waiting for him. “Good morning”, said the driver. “To school?” “Yes, please”, replied the boy. As they rode, the taxi swerved to avoid the other vehicles. With his face pressed against the window, Taj saw the early morning commotion. Vendors bartered with their indignant customers while construction workers hammered, shoveled and drilled away at their tedious and seemingly endless task.

“We’re here”. Taj’s hand went to his pocket. He paid the driver and stepped out onto the street. He waited a few minutes, then crossed briskly to the other side. There was no one around, none of his friends. Nothing exciting caught his eye. Taj sighed. Just another boring day at school.

Submitted By : Taj DeHart

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