My awesome experiences in Shenzhen

It was a hot sunny morning in November. Since the second I woke up, I knew that it was going to be a great day because…Guess what? We were going on a field trip to the Safari Park in Shenzhen!

Before I left my house, I made sure I packed the camera that my mom was lending me, and a lot of water. I was extremely excited, and couldn’t wait to get to the zoo.

When we got to there, I was paired up with one of my friends. My homeroom teacher was leading my group.

In the zoo, we saw monkeys, elephants, and lots of other animals. Our teacher gave us a paper to write and draw about two of our favorite animals, where I drew the monkeys and the penguins.

The monkeys were having a conversation when we went to visit, but it seemed like they were screaming at each other in a very high voice. I even took a video of them screaming! I also took a picture of one of the monkeys hanging from a tree branch.

When we went to see the elephants, it seemed like everywhere they went smelled disgusting. I got to feed one of the elephants, and I think it was an experience of a lifetime!

We ate our lunch near the penguins. My friend and I wanted to see them, and we did so after lunch. They looked so cute swimming in the water, that I took 3 videos of them swimming!

We also watched a tiger and lion show. The tigers and lions were huge! I tried to take a video and a picture of them but I couldn’t, since we were sitting at a seat far back.

But the sad thing is that we weren’t allowed to touch the lamb nor the sheep, but I think the lamb’s skin would feel really soft and fluffy.

In all the baby animals’ area, I liked the piglets the best because they looked especially cute, and they were really quiet instead of oinking and splashing in the mud.

On the way back to school, I was looking at all the pictures I took. I was still exploring what this camera can do, when I found this button, and I pressed it. In a blink, all the hard work was erased, without a single picture left. I frantically tried to undo it, but it was impossible.

I would like to go to the safari park again to take more pictures. But next time, I will be careful about which buttons I press.

Submitted By : Sato Kamimura

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