My experiences in Shenzhen

It was an exiting Friday, because on that Friday, I was going to sleep in school and do many cool things like watching movies, eating popcorn and playing too. I went home and came back with all my belongings at 7:00pm.

The first thing we did was listening to the principal, Mr. Dewitt’s rules. After he finished, we ate delicious, cheesy papa john’s pizza. This was much better than the soaking wet pizza in school lunch. After we ate the pizza we could choose where we wanted to go. There were 5 different choices of where we can go: Gym, game room, computer room, atriam and the play room where we watch the movie. Mr. Dewitt announced that the last thing we are going to do is watching the movie together.

At first Jennifer, Sandy and I went to the game room. In the game room we three didn’t actually play. We only talked with our mothers on the phone. After that we wanted to go to the atriam room. The atriam room had 4 bean bags sitting on the floor. A 13 year old girl called Gabi met us and we were together the whole time talking about scary stories. Next we went to the Gym. In the Gym we played ball and tried juggling. I couldn’t juggle that well, but still it was fun and exiting too.

Jennifer Sandy, Gabi and I had a lot of fun playing in the Gym. We were all very curios about Americans Funniest Videos. I was tired, but we were still watching Americans Funniest Videos and play dodge ball too!

My friends and I ran exhaustedly to the play room. We did not want to be late for watching Americans Funniest Videos! We waited very long, until they got the Television on. Then we started watching……………..The movie was super funny! I wished I could stay and watch it forever, but I couldn’t. We saw things that were also dangerous, like jumping down from a tree! Next we were all very tired, but it was time to play dodge ball.

We walked into the Gym as slow as we could, because we were sleepy. When we played, I was separated from my friends in the team. Then we started to play………………..whue! I was sweating everywhere when we finished. I got a few times out, but I still liked the game, and I was so tired I just threw myself to bed and slept.

Submitted By : Selin Amira EL-Sobhi

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