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Every Saturday morning, at eight thirty-five, every kid who goes to the Korean School rides their bus to go to the School to learn Korean. They learn how to make complete sentences, and how to learn what a word means in Korean. I like Korean School; I can make more friends while learning Korean better.

After school, there are activities at the Korean School. You can decide to ear school lunch or to eat home lunch with your parents. At one o’ clock, the activities start. There are two types of activities and they are Nonsul and Math. Nonsul means Korean, but in that class, you can learn how to write better and how to get better in reading Korean.

This Year, there was no Math class, because not many people selected Math to do in Nonsul class. It was my first year to do Nonsul class. It was fun doing the Nonsul class. It was fun eating lunch with kids, and fun playing tag in Nonsul class. I like the part when we can play soccer with some big brothers who were very good at soccer.

At one o’ clock, when we all came back to our classroom to work, we read a story in paragraphs. One person read one paragraph and the other one reads one paragraph, too. I think it was very fun because we sometimes can read paragraphs and sometimes we can read comics. Some comics are funny and some other comics are a little sad. I like Korean School and I enjoy it so much, that I wish I can go to Korean School more than once a week.

When I came back home from Korean School, I can play soccer with my friends and older brothers. We sometimes play SIS vs. QSI, or two captains choose a person to be in their team. When there are no more kids left, we start the game. By a team who has fewer kids ,or if there are same amount of kids, captains do rock-paper-scissor to start the game first…….

Submitted By : Hyung Jin

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