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“Goop!” Do you know what kind of animal would make this sound?Well believe it or not, it’s actually a monkey, because that’s what I saw at the Shenzhen Safari Park on November 30, 2010. That was when the 9 year old classes in QSI had a field trip there and it was extraordinary, but a terrible thing happened to Oliver, a naughty boy from my class…..

As I looked out the window of the bus I was riding on to the Shenzhen Safari Park on this sunny Tuesday morning, I wondered what it’ll be like in the zoo. As soon as we arrived I got together with my group, Mrs. Rogers, a nice lady with white glasses, and her son Sammy, a humble boy with gold hair just like his mom. The other two members of my group were William, a friendly boy from Canada who likes to learn Science and Amy, a quiet peaceful girl from Korea who likes penguins. Together we looked at different kinds of animals such as the monkey that makes strange sounds, penguins that swam in the icy cold water, and the fierce frightening leopards. While we had some fun around the zoo, I noticed that Oliver got paired up with Luke, Tatsuhiko, and Mrs. Brassard.

When my group had finished drawing the ecosystem on a paper our teachers gave us, we watched the bird show that turned out really fabulous for me! After the entertainment, my group had lunch on a row of bench chairs beside the tiger show. At 12:00 p.m., everyone rushed toward the tiger show and that’s when I saw Oliver’s group running towards the seats at the top right rows.  It was fantastic that the tigers can do amazing tricks that I’ve never seen in my life, like the tiger pyramid, or the fire hoop jump.

The tiger show was terrific, but remember how I told you something terrible happened to Oliver? Well, here it goes: All the audience skipped away while chatting about the extraordinary tricks the tigers did. Anyways, Oliver’s group and some other groups stopped to take a look at the tigers, but unluckily when a white strip tiger had turnaround from Oliver, he…peed on him! Here’s what Oliver said,”I felt so embarrass and I’d better wash myself a million times when I get home!” What a disgusting scene, I thought.

It was after that that our teachers told us it was time to go, but many of us didn’t want to leave. On our ride back to school, the whole bus started to talk like crazy about what they saw and experienced. When our bus had arrived at school, everyone blasted toward their homeroom and just enjoyed the rest of our day…..

Submitted By : Meg Wang

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