Experiences in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is awesome! It’s got great things like Happy Valley. I remember when I went in Happy Valley with my friends, we rode all sorts of attractions! Spooky attractions, funny attractions, attractions that make you dizzy, you name it. The food was great too, like the sausages and ice creams. Not to mention the little games with prizes. I played 3 times there. I got 1 prize and I was happy. I had a great day!

I like Sea World also. I have been in restaurants that have food from different countries. I ate French food in Casablanca. I also ate at McDonalds and it was delicious. Once I bought fire crackers (small ones) and I had fun watching them blow up.

Jingshan was good too. I played some soccer with my friends at the soccer field and was usually the goalkeeper. I also played with big and small guys. I took tennis lessons at the tennis court. I’m going to the swimming pool in summer. I go there with my friends to play or on my own.

In Windows of the World, when I went there with my family, I saw all sorts of things I had never seen before. I can’t remember what I saw except for the Eiffel tower but I think there was the White House in the USA. It was cool. I didn’t have to go to the different countries to see new things.

Garden City is nice too. When I ate sushi there, I ate more than my parents did and I always ate yellow plates which cost 12 RMB. The colors of the plates tell you the cost of the food you’re going to eat. The restaurant is in the 3rd floor. There is also the Brazilian restaurant on the 4th floor where they have delicious kinds of meat. The buffet with cakes, cookies, fruits, and drinks is delicious as well. Both were great restaurants. Shenzhen is so cool!

Submitted By : Valerian Mange

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