My best experiences in Shenzhen

My best experiences in the school, it is fun. Like playing with my friend, talking with them, and I have a lot of friends in the school, and they always help me I very thanks to them so I experiences in the school are very happy because a lot of things I learn from them, do something with them and be their best friend. Also I saw my school building is very big and pretty, and this is the biggest school I got in Shenzhen. When I was in the school it was very relaxing and not small like very squishy and make me dizzy, it as big. This is my cool and best experiences I ever had in Shenzhen QSI School.

Another experience in Shenzhen is Sea World. In there were a lot of people, and it makes me excited and happy because I like noises and sound, this experiences in Sea World was very awesome for me. In the Sea World the restaurant was very big, when I went inside it was big and beautiful. When I eat in the restaurant I feel very relaxing and make me comfortable to eat. The restaurant has a lot of yummy food they are delicious. And I also eat a lot of other country food in Sea World and I love to eat a lot that is why I always like to go Sea World and eat the food. If I am lucky sometimes, I can see my friends in Sea World, I can play with them, and invited them to my house and play with they.  Sometimes I can go to the shop or Sea world with them instead of going with my family. And this experience is very fun and lucky. Because I can see my friends when I didn’t see them some of the times. I love my experiences in Shenzhen.

Submitted By : Jojo Wee

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