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Every Saturday morning at 10:15, Oliver and I go to SYSP. In SYSP many students from QSI go, too.

Our PE teacher is our SYSP coach, he is Mr. Argyle, he is funny and sometimes he is angry. The worst thing about basketball is that we have to do some exercise before we play. Another bad part is that we have to go outside and there is a huge big sun out there waiting for us.

The worst part about soccer is that we have to do millions of drills and some of the drills are very boring and hard. At basketball we have to do drills like run, shoot, slide, pass, dribble and defend. Some of the soccer drills are passing the ball in squares or that one student stand in the middle with a ball and some student will kick the ball away.

At SYSP, when it is the last day. At SYSP we get golden metals and free cupcakes and it is from Starbucks. The bad thing about that day is that we never get all the time to play. We have to go home early and that is not fun at all.

In SYSP there are some Chinese players that don’t know how to play basketball, they do double dribble and some of them could smack your hand when you are dribbling. Some of them traveled and that means that they hug the ball and run.

In SYSP we have all kinds of sports and my favorite sport is soccer. In SYSP ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­they have 3 kinds of sports like baseball, soccer and basketball.

I am one of the best players and Oliver too.

Oliver is like that Chinese guy in SYSP that is the best Chinese player and he is very good in basketball, but I think he is kind of showing off a little. SYSP is good for exercise and SYSP rocks!

Submitted By : William Zhang

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