My experience in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a good place to visit. I’ve lived in Shenzhen for 8 months and I think it is nice and the weather is awesome. In Shenzhen there are a lot of places that it is good to visit. There is Holiday Plaza, Windows of the World, Sea World and many others. I’ve just been to Holiday Plaza, Windows of the World, And Sea World. I’ve went to the Sea World and it has a lot of restaurants and it also has good sight. Many people go there because there are a lot of different kinds of restaurant to eat. My friends and I usually go to Sea World because it is close to our school. The time it takes to go to school from Sea World takes about 10 minutes. At Sea World we usually go to McDonalds because it is yummy and they also make it fast. So that’s one of the reasons that Shenzhen is good to visit.

Another good place to visit in Shenzhen is Holiday Plaza. Holiday Plaza is big and clean. It has many different stores. For example there is a toy store, jewelry shop, cloth shop, restaurant and other shops. I’ve been to one of the restaurant in Holiday Plaza. It is called Xi Hai Yi Jia. It is a buffet that you can pick whatever you want to eat. It costs 168Yuan. It is very nice and tasty. It has food from many countries so a lot of people come there. Also Xi Hai Yi Jia is the biggest buffet in Shenzhen. We usually go there to eat dinner with our family. There is a cinema 4th floor so we go there when we finish eating dinner, even though it is expensive. In the lobby there is an ice link that we ice skate. Ice skating costs 40 Yuan Monday to Thursday, and in Friday to Saturday it costs 50 Yuan. Once I went to ice skating there and the ice link was cool, but I think that still if it is cool you are not cold because you are skating. So I just suggest to not to bring a coat. In the ice link there is a locker so when you have important thing you could put it in the locker and the locker costs 1 Yuan to put it in. So that’s why Shenzhen is a good place to visit.

Submitted By : Kang Min Park

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