My experiences in Shenzhen

During the Chinese New Year holidays, my family brought me to the Windows of the World. We had to wake up at 6:00a.m. because we didn’t want it to be crowded there. My mom packed some candies, chocolate bars and drinks. We then took some breakfast in the nearby restaurant.

After that we took a cab to Windows of the World. Mom first bought the tickets then we entered the park.

We all took a map and then kept walking until we went to the Europe World and we saw the Eiffel Tower, The Parthenon, The Big Ben, Stonehenge and many other buildings in Europe. I stop to take some pictures of all of them.

Then the fun part comes, there is a boat where you have to cycle to make it move. Maximum time is 20 minutes. We all shared one boat, at first mom and dad were cycling later when they felt tired I helped them follow up. I cycled around the whole river until I was tired. I just stopped the boat in the middle of the river. After 20 minutes I had to cycle back to the platform. It was very fun!

I opened my map to see where to go next in my list, it said to go to the African Archery. It was free for children below 12 and 5 Yuan for 12 and above. I got 10 shots and my dad got 20 shots. I didn’t get any scores but my dad got 19 and missed 1. It was awesome!

Next in my list was the Amazon Speed Coaster .When we got there, we saw a long queue. At first we didn’t want to queue but when we saw that it would be very fast. After 5 minutes it was our turn. When we got on the car it was like a real car but smaller. I and mom got on one car and dad on another.

Later we all felt hungry so we quickly went to the Asia World. I saw the Taj Mahal, Thai Royal Castle and other famous structures in Asia. Then we quickly rushed to the  American World. There was the Empire State Building, The Twin Towers and the New York Building.

We finally headed the Exit Door. That was the end of my Chinese New Year holiday

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