My experiences in Shenzhen

It was a sunny hot day in Shekou, Shenzhen.  My family and Ofri’s family was getting ready to go to the beach.

My family packed lots of things. We packed food, drinks and lots of other interesting things. Then when we were ready we went to the lobby and all of us saw Ofri’s family.

In Ofri’s family there is her mom and dad. Ofri has 2 brothers, one is bigger then Ofri and one is smaller. Ofri also has a 2 year old sister called Tamara. Ofri’s family is from Israel. Ofri is 9 year old

Our family and Ofri’s family were taking 2 cars, boys in one car and girls in the other car. In the girls car was Tamara, Ofri, my mom, Ofri’s mom and I. In the boys car was my brother, my dad, Ofri’sdad, and Ofri’s 2 brothers. When we finished with putting the things in the car we started to drive.

When we arrived at the Beach, we went to the barbeque place and sat down and started the barbeque. The barbeque place was quiet you could hear the waves. Then Ofri and I ran to the water, we splashed water at our brothers. After we swam to the end of the rope, We tried to find our parents, it was really fun. After we played a little.

Ofri and I went to the place where we had our barbeque and ate some yummy food; the yummy food was chicken, chips, and orange juice. Later we asked somebody that was letting people use the quad bikes. We road on the big quad bike because my dad and I had to ride on it together. While we were riding we were going to the small side of the beach. When we arrived we stopped there to play, and my dad went to talk to my mom. The water was freezing, but the good thing was that there was no one there. Then we stayed there till our dads picked us up, and then we went to the big side of the beach.

Later it got dark so we started to get ready to leave. When we left it was nighttime it was hard to sleep because Tamara was screaming, because her baby seat was not comfy. Then Ofri and I found a way for Tamara to stop crying. We just had to give her a pillow.

When we arrived home it was about 10:00 at night. My family said good-bye to Ofri’s family and we went home.

Submitted By : Mia Fakhry

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