My experiences in Shenzhen

In summer of 2010, my first great experience in Shenzhen happened at Happy Valley. Happy Valley is the place where kids like to go because there are rides. I’ve been there 3 times already. One day, I went there with Ye Chan and Ye Bon who are live below me in my apartment building. When we were waiting for the scary ride, Ye Bon and I were trembling together, but Ye Chan was not. I never thought before that Ye Chan was strong, but at that time, he was smiling which was the opposite of me. When we got on it, it was not that scary. That ride was spinning and spinning and I got dizzy while it was going up and up. I felt like I might go into the sky forever. Another ride we took was spinning until the ride ends in 360 degrees. It was a really hot summer day but when I rode that ride, I did not feel hot any more. It was really fun and I will never forget it.

Another experience which was memorable happened at Don Cafe on my birthday last July 10th, 2010. That day was really hot and the weather was making me really mad. I invited my friends to play together and have a good time. When they sang the birthday song for me, I was wearing the ‘birthday hat’. My friends celebrated my birthday and we were all very happy. I got a lot of great presents. We ate some Korean food and a delicious cake, too. When it was 3 o’clock everyone went home. I was a little bit sad to say “bye” to them. It was a really a nice day!

Another best experience that happened to me in Shenzhen was the trip to ‘Window of the World’. It is very close to my home but I have never been there before. Inside the Windows of the World, there are many things to look at. From our house, you can see some fireworks every weekend at the Windows of the World. I got the chance to go inside with my family on my mom’s birthday. We watched a play about traditional songs from many countries. It was really loud music and it was like hurting my ears but it was really fun, too. I thought that was also good to learn some traditional songs from other countries and comparing with our songs. I saw some replicas and models of each countries traditional house. The replicas were all tiny and cute! We watched a model of Eiffel Tower and it was so huge and tall. When we went up to the top of “Eiffel Tower” to buy Chinese traditional things, it was little bit scary when we look at the ground. After we were spending the time to wait to see fireworks right in front of us, the fireworks started. It was so pretty! If I have some time I want to go there again because I can learn many things and I can have fun, too!

Submitted By : Seung Min Kim

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