My experiences in Shenzhen

I have live in Shenzhen for 3 years and had many experiences, like going to Sea World. First time I came to Sea World I was very surprised because there is very big open space where we can ride or play around, and on the edge we can see many kinds of restaurants. There is Korean food, Japanese food, American food, McDonald’s, KFC, and 7.ll. I thought this place was heaven for foreigners. After I came to QSI and made new friends, I come to Sea World to play with my friends. My mom and I go to Star Bucks almost every day. My mom drink coffee and I do my HW. After I finish my HW we talk about school. Now I have too much HW but I want to do that again,

I have also been to Splendid China. I like it very much and I have been about 10 times. In here you can see and learn about different folk customs, how they live and what their events are. I usually go with my mom but I have been for a field trip also. I first ride the train to see the old buildings in China like Great Wall. Then I ride on the monorail to watch from the sky, and then I eat old Chinese food in restaurant and relax. After I watch a mock cavalry battle, I watch the biggest event in Splendid China, a night show. We can watch many different folk custom’s parties and legends. It is a very big show and there are real animals coming out and fire is flashing all over. It’s very exciting!

The biggest experience is going to QSI, meeting new foreign teachers, and foreign friends. These experiences changed my life. I learn English from American teacher and play with friends from 35 countries, I play soccer or basket ball or these kinds of sports, and also we go to each others house to play and sleepover. Also because of there are so many Koreans in Shenzhen. I’m also learning Korean language because I want to be friend with Korean people more! For these reasons I like this country very much and I’m glad my life is in china! I hope I can still live here more!

Submitted By : Shoichiro Uechi

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  1. Well Done! I have been to those places and you are right- its “like heaven for foreigners”

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