My experiences in Shenzhen

I have been living in Shen Zhen for about 4 years. Most of the things in Shen Zhen are great, but sometimes the roads are very dirty and the traffic gets very slow. On most weekends my family and I go to Coastal city for dinner, watch a movie, and go shopping. Sometimes we will eat Japanese food, Chinese food, have maybe fast food for dinner depending on what we want to eat on that day. When we have finished our dinner we walk around the mall to see what stuffs like foods we need to buy. Usually we would go to JESCO the shopping center to buy foods and drinks for the next few days. Sometimes after we have finish eating our dinner, we go to the movie theater to watch a movie for entertainment.

I have been on the metro a few times. We used to the metro because we needed to go somewhere and the roads were very busy. Shen Zhen’s metro is different from most metro’s in Australia. Here the metro is very clean and the metro in Australia is very dirty. The metro in Shen Zhen is very clean; because the metro has just been build 1 year ago. Also it is clean, because most people don’t drink or eat inside the metro. On my first trip I think it is fast, but after I went to the metro for few more times I think it is slow. The metro’s speed limit is between 150km per hour – 200 km per hour I think. The cost for the metro is 2RMB to 5RMB depending on how far you went. After you had pay for the ticket the metro stations will give you a green plastic coin for the metro. You can’t lose the coin, because if you lose it you can’t go out or go in to the waiting platform until you buy another one. Once I found someone’s green plastic coin on the flour I didn’t know who lost the coin so I just took the coin home.

I have also been to the Book City, which is 6 floors high. I have never been there by myself, because it is too far from my home. My mom took me there to buy books that I read and books that I take classes on. One time I went there to take math classes for 3 months in vacation, and that is the time I don’t want to go there any more. Once I bought a globe for about 60RMB, but after few months of using it, the globe started to break off by itself. Shen Zhen is a huge city, and I still have many more places to go in Shen Zhen.

Submitted By : Daniel Ou

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