My experiences in Shenzhen

In my experiences are great because if you travel to Shenzhen you get to go many places like museums, parks some other places like Disneyland but smaller or maybe go to watch a movie or go shopping in the shopping malls including coastal city and garden city. This shopping mall is in Shenzhen and that is the shopping mall I usually go when I go out to play in Shenzhen.

The best park I like in Shenzhen is Windows Of The world and here it is a place where I can see famous constructions in the world but of course they are all not real. I can see the Eiffel tower when you enter Windows of the World. That Eiffel tower is much smaller than the real one and that was really easy to make and used pretty less time for those workers to finish constructing the model of the Eiffel Tower. The Windows of the world use up an area of 48 hectares (100 ares) (10,000 square meters)

Shenzhen’s Window of the World features the world wonders, interesting places, a place that has natural landscapes here.

The next best place I like in Shenzhen will probably be Evergreen and that place is on the mountains where it is pretty near to my house and there are farms, places where I get to make my own artwork, go through rainforests with real alive wild animals that I’m scared of. I get to see different types of fishes and I can even feed them or rent a fishing rod to go and fishing for fun. There are chickens, butterflies, monkeys, moo moo cows, etc. There are even more fun places and there is one place called Nan Shan Book City where there are five floors full of books, movies, games, electronics etc. That place is also very educational and also that place you buy books that are a good place to buy books and every single book you believe or you want to read it would be always there and even if it is not there the staff there will try to order them and send them to your own mailbox. My own school is QSI (quality schools international) and so far we had a great activity and it was the lock in that happened a few weeks ago and we had plenty of free time and we had sleep after all that we had our stay up all night sleep. And in Shenzhen to me is a very great place!

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