The Lat Pull

The Lat PullWhen focusing on building upper body strength, pulling actions and rowing actions are the bread and butter movements to have in your routine. The lat pull exercise is basic to every athlete. You’ll find them in exercise programs for businessmen and personnel in the armed forces. They’re good for women, who can easily learn to do them because they typically have more strength than they realize. Here’s a great progression of the Lat Pull to bring up the strength not only in the latssimus dorsi, but in the entire torso as well.

1. latissimus dorsi
2. rhomboids
3. teres major
4. trapezius



  • Grasp a narrow grip pull- up bar overhead so your palms are neutral and your arms form a wide V. Your legs should be together and your feet should not touch the floor.
  • Pull your upper chest toward the bar area maintaining a pronounced arch in your spine as you rise.
  • Once your chest reaches the bar area, hold that position for a moment and squeeze your back muscles. >>Slowly lower your body back down until your arms are again fully extended.


  • Pay attention to the details in form so you’ll extract the most from every set you do.
  • Don’t jerk your way up. Jerking movements shift the effort away from the lats, robbing them of the strength –building stimulus.
  • Slightly bend your elbows at the bottom to avoid hyperextending them.
  • Cross your feet behind you to prevent your body from swinging and using momentum.
  • If you can’t complete the desired number of reps on your own, have a spotter assist you or use a machine version such as a Gravitron.
  • Pull- ups are an exercise you can do anywhere because you’re using only your bodyweight – much like dips and push-ups. Pull-ups complement any exercise program.
  • Reverse your grip (a move known as chin-ups) to more strongly recruit your lower lats and biceps.
  • A close grip focuses more on your middle back muscles and lower lats.
  • Using a wide grip hits your outer and upper lats to a greater degree.


This movement is best performed at the start of your upper body strength routine. This will allow for maximum effort to be focused on this area.
Do three sets of eight – ten reps

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