I love Shenzhen

I love Shenzhen because there are so many fun places to see like Happy Valley, Fairy Botanical Garden, Ever Green Park, and the Zoo. Have you been to one of those places or all of them? So far, I have only been to two of them which are Fairy Botanical Garden and Ever Green Park. What did it feel like when you went to one of those places? For me, when I went to the Fairy Lake Dinosaur Museum, it was awesome because it showed what was inside a real egg. It also showed us dried eggs, and real fossils, just to name a few. Also, we were learning about many types of Dinosaurs in Science so I felt good that I could learn even more about dinosaurs and fossils! Did you know that dinosaurs were extinct about 70 or 80 million years ago?   Did you know that dinosaur poop was about the size was of four hands together?  That’s gross!

Ever Green Park was awesome too because we crossed a very long bridge to a fun playground and we fed the swans dry and broken bread. The fish even ate the bread too.  We also went across a wet and dark rainforest, and played at another playground and we even painted tiles.  That was hard because first we had to draw on the tile.  Mine was awesome because I copied a dragon from a book.

I haven’t been to Happy Valley and the Zoo but I wonder how it would be to play in those places. I know that in Happy Valley there are roller coasters and small trains for babies, so I can imagine that it would be a blast if I rode a rollercoaster. I think it will be a lot of fun if I played other rides too.   As for the Zoo, it would also be fun because I could see lots of different kinds of animals and also maybe the tigers’ eyes might glow in the night when the mini bus flashes the lights on them.  I think the tigers will be in cages, also maybe the cages as big as an elephant and as long as a building or as big as a monster truck!

Shenzhen has many fun places to visit.  I hope you get to go to all of these places someday soon.  Maybe I’ll see you there or maybe not! You could also try to think of some fun places just like I did. I love Shenzhen.

Submitted By : Jeong, Min Seo

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