My Experiences in Shenzhen

One of the things I’ve experienced in Shenzhen is going in a taxi with eight other people. The taxi driver wasn’t happy with all of us getting in but he still let us. From my personal experience most of the taxi drivers will let eight or even nine people get in although the car is overloaded. The drive was about thirty minutes so it wasn’t as comfortable as a five minutes drive. When we got to our destination all the people around looked at our taxi like it was a magic taxi that an unlimited number of people can get out of.

One of the things I like in Shenzhen is Window of The World. I don’t know of another place where you can tour the whole world in just a few hours. I think it’s quite funny that China has France’s Eiffel tower and Egypt’s pyramids. One of the times I went there I drove one of those golf carts, which I enjoyed more than walking. The part I enjoy the most about Window of The World is the ice world. When I went there I didn’t think it was that cold. When I went in it was freezing so I bought gloves hats and those kind of things. I enjoyed the special slides made of ice. On the slides you sit on something like a wheel, and then slide down. One thing I don’t like about Window of the World is that you need to pay for going up the Eiffel tower and for going in the ice world. I think you pay enough for going in Window of the World so you shouldn’t pay more for visiting different attractions. Still I think Window of the World is a very nice and beautiful place to visit.

The last thing I will tell you about my experience in Shenzhen is travelling on a motorbike with five other people. I thought it’s a stupid idea (and I still do) because being on a motorbike with five other people isn’t comfortable or safe. We drove shortly from Fraser Place (my home) to school. In China it’s not as complicated as in Israel and probably in many other countries around the world. In case of driving car or motorbike with more people than what is allowed you will need to pay penalty and your driving license might be taken! In Israel you need a driver’s license for riding a motorbike and the police will probably catch you if you drive without driver’s license. I will summarize and say that although my experience was special it was risky and not safe – I do not think I will do it again. I love Shenzhen.

Submitted By: Ido Enav

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