My Experiences in Shenzhen

My experience in a taxi cab wasn’t as good as it was in Denmark, but I have gotten used to it. There are many taxis in Shenzhen, which is a great thing because you can always really get a taxi. Some taxi drivers drive very well and follow the rules, but there are still some that are not good. I think the taxi drivers that don’t drive well need to make some changes because sometimes they even drive up on the sidewalk which isn’t safe at all because they could drive over a person or a bicycle for example. This will benefit everyone who is in a taxi cab to be save.

My experience in Splendid China was probably the hottest day of my entire life. In fact, I was sweating so much that I looked like a waterfall. I also learned lots of places in China. For example, I learned where the Great Wall of China is located. I have also learned what kind of cultures there are from around China and that the North is much different from the South of China. I have been there three times since coming here to China. Splendid China can people that study cultures in China or to see what’s all over China.

My experience in Sea World was okay. It is a huge place where people go to enjoy their weekend or they just go there for fun. There are lots of restaurants to eat at and cafés. The restaurants are all not just Chinese, there are also European restaurants and Brazilian and other Asian restaurants. The cafés are all foreign cafés, for example there is Starbucks Coffee café. Sea World is pretty much a foreigner place not just a Chinese place. Almost every restaurant has excellent food. But I think that Sea World has to have more activities because the only activity there is, is to ride on a baby toy. I also saw some people throwing trash on the ground even if there is a trashcan right next to them. There also people that are need and they follow the rules. This will benefit the people that are eating to enjoy their food and not just thinking about all the trash there is.

My experience in Window of the World was excellent. I enjoyed watching the Eiffel tower because I’ve always wanted to see it in Paris for real. I also enjoyed places and things that I have never seen before in my life, like the White House and the pyramids from Egypt. I enjoyed all the activities like a roller coaster that goes slow in the beginning and then suddenly it goes extremely fast. And at last all the people in the reception speaks a little bit of English which makes it easier for me because I can speak English and I can’t speak Chinese.

Submitted By : Tobias Nielsen

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