My Experiences in Shenzhen

I’ve been living in Shenzhen for 8 years and in those 8 years I have had many experiences and awesome memories with my family and friends. I’ve been to many places, but I will pick two of them to share with you.

First I’ll talk about my experience in a mall like place called LuoHu which is a place where they sell fake goods such as bags, shoes, electronic things and fake copies of famous brands. When I arrived there with my mom I wanted to go back home because there were a lot of poor people and there were a lot of scary looking people, but my mom didn’t care. We went in and it was crowed. Everyone seems to be insane; they were shouting and my ears were about to explode. Then suddenly fire alarm was ringing, but the customers didn’t care. Only the sales people were packing and hiding their things.  All of a sudden the police came into check on to see if they were selling fake things. It was an awesome plan.  Anther cool plan was there was an abandon place, then a person knocks on the door and when you went in, there was a fake Couch shop. I think my mom took me there to let me see how my live is different from others. When I came out I cheeked my pocket and my wallet was missing I lost 356 RMB and so many VIP cards.

Now enough with the sad thing, I will talk about a place called the Happy Valley. It is an amusement park which has the biggest rollercoaster in Shenzhen. I went there with my friends and we had an awesome time because we love riding thing like roller costar and other rides and because it a Korean holyday there was less people there. We were so happy, but we spend a lot of money so we had to lie to our parents. The next day my friends and I all had a pain on our backs.

My 8 years in Shenzhen has allowed me to learn a lot about China. I have happiness and a lot of good, funny memories. I had wonderful time in Shenzhen.

Submitted By : Harry (Jin Ho) Kim

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