My Experiences in Shenzhen

I have been many places in Shenzhen. Once I went to Happy Valley. There I rode a fast rollercoaster with a lot of looping. After it I had a headache because my head kept banging on the sides of the seats, but I still want to go again. I also went on a rollercoaster which looks like a train. Following that, I went on something which looks like a boat made up of a huge wheel and wood. It was floating on the water. After I’ve done that I was totally wet but luckily I was wearing a raincoat. Then, after that, I went on the UFO. The UFO looks like a huge round platform with seats on the sides. Now that was exciting. There was also a huge water slide that I went on. In Happy Valley I also ate at KFC but I didn’t really like it.

I’ve been in Sea World too. There I ate dinner with my family at a good Italian restaurant. I have also been to some cafes like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. They are both pretty good but I still like Starbucks a little bit more. In Sea World I’ve also been on the Minghua ship which stands on land. There is a restaurant on top, where I have eaten several times. One time it was so windy that I thought the ship would fall over, but I know that it can’t.

I have visited my dads work in Louhu a few times. When I look out of his window I can see many of the skyscrapers of Shenzhen because it’s on the 40th floor. I also went to the Dongmen. There I bought many fake but good things, like Converse and Nike shoes. But besides buying shoes, I also bought food. That day was a lot of fun. But it wasn’t the last time that I went to Louhu and it wasn’t my last experience in Shenzhen.

Submitted by : Lissy Voss

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