Parents facing a dilemma on were to send their children to school

Parents facing a dilemma on were to send their children to schoolParents with children born in Hong Kong are facing a dilemma on where to send their children to school. Shenzhen parents said it was easy for them to get a birth certificate in Hong Kong but are having a hard time on deciding on which education system is best for their child.

There are two different education system offered to the children, and parents find it too tiresome to cross the border just to send the children to school. While some found it better to have their children study in Hong Kong since they are already holding Hong Kong ID cards. Because of this some parents are already regretting giving birth in Hong Kong.

Sending a cross-border student is not that expensive and many parents believe that the experience of studying in a different place teaches their child to be more independent. The only problem they face is the difficult education system and learning environment. Schools in Hong Kong usually have a lot of activities that needs participation from parents, but many of the parents are too busy to accompany their children to school. Some of the parents even don’t know how to write Chinese or English.

Communications is also a problem since most of the students are having a hard time to talk to their classmates in Cantonese, and teachers are having a hard time teaching them English and traditional Chinese. So most of the children are already behind on their studies. With this problem with communicating many of the students are lacking self confidence because they have no chance of expressing themselves or participating in activities.

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