Tom’s journey

Tom on his dancing dress on himself, and sat on his 4 bamboo boat.  His dancing dress wasn’t really a Chinese dancing dress. It was just a wooly old sweater and cellophane shorts, and his boat was just 4 toothpicks tied together with a rubber band.  “, Its not fair”, said Tom.  “I want to be in Shenzhen”,.  Suddenly his room started spinning round and round and round. What was going to happen? Was he finally going to Shenzhen?

It was not long before Tom reached a place where there were 7 places that he could have  never ever could have never imagined. As he looked around at them he found out that the name of the place was WINDOWS OF THE WORLD. Exactly 30 seconds after his mind took that name into it, the room once again started spinning.

At last when the place actually stopped spinning, Tom realized that he was no longer in room. He was in a splendid park. This was SPLENDID CHINA. And to Tom’s word this was the most marvelous place he had ever been to. The roofs of the entrances to different places were covered with pink blossoms. There were some guys selling coconut juice too. Just the look of coconuts made Tom’s mouth water. So, he ended up buying 5 coconuts. But, just before he could touch his straw to his first coconut, the park started spinning again. “FROSTED FRECKLES,” he screeched.

This time Tom ended up in a place called Happy Valley. After looking around the place, Tom found a ride that he wanted to go to. It was called Death Dash. So you know what Tom did? Yep, you’re right; he got right into the roller coaster, for Death Dash. In this ride, it was one scare after another. Finally after 3 minutes at the ride, he came to a dead end of spiky thorns, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he said and closed his eyes.

“Tom stop screaming,” his mom called from down the stairs. Tom opened his eyes and sat on his 4 toothpick boat. “Its not fair”, he said. “I WANT TO BE IN GUANZHOU,”.

Submitted By : Addy Ghose

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