My Good Friend Gorden

I came to Shenzhen at 2002 September 14th. At that time I was two years old and I’ve had lots of good experience in Shenzhen. But the best thing is meeting my good friend Gorden. I don’t remember when we met but my mother told me we met when we were 2 years old. After that we became the best friend forever. We promised that we will remember each other until we die. Gorden is a little fat and whines a lot for nothing. He is very good at Chinese while I am good at English. We went to a trip to Cebu together last year’s autumn. In Cebu we played at a sea where there was lots of mud. We made a castle with it (Not exactly a castle) and had a battle and looked which castle was destroyed by the wave first. We dug a hole that was close to 30cm deep. Then we put two crabs and call it the crab hotel. We brought the crab to the hotel room. But at night they died because there was no sea water in the sink. In the crab’s stomach there were tons of eggs that were bloody red. So we were very regretful that we brought the crabs. I don’t have any sibling. But Gorden luckily has a brother that he could talk and play with. He is called Jack and he is very mature (Unlike Gorden). He sometimes kicks Gorden when Gorden makes Jack angry. Gorden and I are very unlike. I have a quick temper while he is slow moving. He does not like to play war while I always like to play war. Once when I invited Gorden to my BB gun war he brought badminton racket instead of a weapon. So he always ran to me when he was in danger. We always meet when ever we can. But our friend ship can cause problem. For example Gorden once told me that Gitae (One of my friend) teased me. So I complained to Gitae. But he said he never teased me and showed evidence. I knew it later but it was a lie made up by the hatred of Gorden in Gitae and me playing together and not playing with him. However we never fight until now even if we have different characters. I think that reason is because we always concern for each other and balance the things we do. The topic of this writing competition is about experience in Shenzhen though the writing of mine sounds like it is about friendship with Gorden. The reason is because in Shenzhen none of the other experience is more valuable than meeting my friend Gorden. I hope nothing would break up our bond of friendship and look forward that we can make our stories with Gorden forever.

Submitted By: Dong Hun Lee

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