Culture Club and Bar Opening

Culture Club and Bar OpeningYou are invited to come and join us in opening our new bar on Saturday night. The fun starts from 7.45pm and includes a selection of free drinks until 9pm and free bar snacks. We will have live music from local musicians and you are welcome to take the mic and have a go yourself.

Free Beer 7.45pm-9pm

We are located in Futian, Xiang mi hu just off Hong li lu.

Time: April 9, 2011 7:45pm to 2am

Location: Futian, Xiang mi hu

Culture Club and Bar Opening

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  1. It was a great night, no complaints at all about the beer or music, both of which were well chilled, and the company was outstanding. It’s already my new regular, I’ll be back a lot more.

  2. shame people go to events for the wrong reason.

    Its called the culture club for a reason, not the girlie club……….

    sounded like a great opening Jason, good luck!

  3. This was a terrible experience. One hour driving around in a taxi finding this place. Finally arrived, only alcoholic Brittish people. Where were the beautiful girls? Where was the cold beer? Where was the music? Where was the fun?

    • I am sorry the experience wasn’t for you Dave, In answer to your questions the beautiful girls were talking to the interesting and handsome men, the cold beer was in the huge fridge next to the bar, the music was played by local musicians on the stage and fun is a matter of opinion but people seemed to be having a lot of it.
      Thank you to all my friends who came and made last night a great experience.

    • Strange – not sure we were at the same grand opening? I had free Tsingdao’s on the house until 9 and they were cold (large fridge next to the bar). Staff was friendly and the music was open mic with bunch of local musicians. Overall I’d say it was pretty good!

    • I had great time left at about 1am staggered out there were still about 60 people left still partying it was looking more like a street party.

      As an owner of a couple of bars I thought it was a pretty good opening I give them eight out of ten.

      Ref the alcoholic British people comment, I’m an Aussie, I went there with an American mate, spent the night talking with Jordan an American, Bosch a Kiwi, Dan a Canadian, Stuart an Irishman, Darragh another Irishman, Woody a South African, Jonny an Aussie and Josh another South African and Alex the Bulgarian.

      Ref the beautiful girl comment Woody the South African and Alex the Bulgarian have stunning hotties for girlfriends and they were both there. Add to that there were dozens of attractive women there.

      The beer was cold, so was the champagne and the whisky was top shelf.

      Most people agree that Jordan is a pretty good musician, he was singing and we all enjoyed it.

      Everyone I saw had a great time, free beer and free food are a pretty good way to start things off. When we did have to start paying the prices were pretty cheap.

      It was a great time had by all.

    • I had a fantastic night on Saturday, free ice cold beer until 9pm followed by further ice cold beers for 10rmb per large bottle. I was chatting to 5 stunning girls all night and ended up with several phone numbers. The live music was great and the staff were friendly and all spoke great English. I hear on Friday you can get unlimited Tsingtao for 50rmb!!! and on Saturday it is unlimited Tsingtao, vodka mixers and food for 100rmb. These guys are trying to make a really nice fun venue with food and drinks at really cheap prices, as far as value for money goes there can’t be a better place in Shenzhen.

      Thank you culture club.

  4. Jason

    See you there mate. Great service the other night, ice cold beer and great food.


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