Shenzhen Celts Important Announcements

Shenzhen Celts Important Announcements1.       The Futian Stadium is now closed because of the Universide Games that are happening this summer- Makes no sense but anyways training will continue this Monday at the pitch near the intersection of Hong Li Lu and Xin Zhou Lu from 8.00-10.00pm. For those of you who turn up late because you didn’t read this mail will be punished by Dave!

2.       Because it is a public holiday on Tuesday I hope everyone can come for food and drinks after in McCawleys.

3.       Monday night’s training will be games and only games. NO DRILLS! Shirley, Amy, Ross and Conor will send out the teams on Monday. It will be 7 minute games for the night. No pressure but don’t let your team down!

Shanghai Games

1.       Guys;

i.      Mick (Booking Flights)

ii.      Conor (Booking)

iii.      Eric (Flights Booked)

iv.      Alan (Flights Booked)

v.      Ross (Flights Booked)

vi.      Will (Flights Booked)

vii.      John (Booking)

viii.      Greg (Booking)

ix.      Steve (Booking)

x.      Simon (Booking)

xi.      Con (Flights Booked)

xii.      Ciaran (Booking)

xiii.      Dave?

xiv.      Steward?

xv.      Noel?

xvi.      Dara?

xvii.      Alex?

xviii.      Sean?

xix.      Joe?

2.       Ladies;

i.      Karen (Flights Booked)

ii.      Clodagh (Flights Booked)

iii.      Shirley (Flights Booked)

iv.      Aisling (Flights Booked)

v.      Yumi (Flights Booked)

vi.      Olive (Booking)

vii.      Amy (Booking)

viii.      Rita (Flights Booked)

ix.      Ally?

x.      Meiling?

xi.      Andrea?

xii.     Yvonne

3.       If I have left anyone out its Conor’s fault.

2.      Flights

a.       Whoever has booked, please send me on flight details.

3.      Accommodation

a.       We are going to stay in the Le Tour Traveler which was recommended to us by the Shanghai team. More information to follow on this.

i.      http://letourshanghai.com/v2/index.php/about-le-tour-traveler

ii.      It is two blocks from the team hotel

iii.      Double Room- RMB 260

iv.      Triple Room – RMB 360

v.      Twin Room- RMB 280

b.      The other option is to stay in the team hotel which is called the Equatorial hotel. Prices per night;

i.      Single Room RMB 650

ii.      Twin/Double RMB 700

iii.      Triple RMB 800

4.      Fancy Dress

a.       We have decided that the fancy dress costume for the event will be ‘Black Swans’. Plenty of time to plan so no excuses!

Finally and most importantly we are having a fundraiser table quiz next Wednesday night in McCawleys at 8pm in aid of the Japan Relief.

There will be a lot of surprises on the night- think Mick and waxing and Darrgh and beard + scissors!!! Not to be missed!!

See you on Monday at new venue and new time!! If you have trouble getting to the pitch, please call myself (136 3150 304), Conor (139 2458 1413) or Mick (150 2122 9100).

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