Graphic Novelists Come To SIS

Graphic Novelists Come To SISThis last semester, students in Humanities 10 have been involved in an in-depth investigation into human rights issues that culminated in their own transformation from student to graphic novelist.

The project kicked off with students reading A Long Way Gone, the memoirs of former child soldier, Ishmael Beah.  As students began to explore his vivid, and direct style, they explored their own creative interpretations of his work.  They created graphic representations in multi-media journals—using their own renderings, collage, photo-shop, related texts and personal responses.

Students explored the human rights issue inherent in Beah’s story—learning about child soldiers, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  They delved into the issues that contribute to human rights violations and the defenders—people and organizations—who work diligently to bring justice to victims.

(Excerpts from Sidney Lu and Seo Young Won)

As the shared investigation came to a close, students embarked on their own, independent  and detailed look at a human rights issue of their choosing.  Driving their inquiry was the knowledge that they would be synthesizing their research into a story.  They would take this story, and applying their previous experience and knowledge gained while reading and analyzing the amazing work of  Art Spiegelman and his graphic novel, Maus, construct their own graphic novel—drawing on his story telling techniques.

Students worked diligently for weeks, gathering information and documenting their sources, reviewing plot development and graphic novel techniques, crafting compelling stories, and eventually, drawing the story.

A project like this is no easy feat.  It presented many interesting challenges.  Most of us have talent—either with words, with paint, with music, with our voices.  But to what extent do we put this good talent to use?  Each of these grade 10 Humanities students can now proudly claim that they have.  They are not just writers; they are truly authors.

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