The 2011 Plan to win! by Andy Church

The 2011 Plan to win! by Andy ChurchBiggest Loser contestant Andy Church has been training with JGFitness with quite some time. He has great determination and a plan for his fitness for the year. I asked Andy if he could share his JGFitness experience with everyone as well as give us some insight into his motivation to train consistently, eat well and stay on his goal of being the Biggest Loser.

JGFitness Trainer inspires change!

Andy: Deciding to be a loser has taken years of self denial that I was obese and a severe health risk. For as far back as I can remember, I was overweight, let myself believe it didn’t bother me and shrugged off the concern friends and family had for my health. I did have an awakening one day and decided to embark on a lifestyle improvement program. A series of events over the last few months, beginning with seeing Josh Phillips stand on his chair at the Seng Girls Home Auction last October showing off his physique to get the bids up on his training package that was being auctioned off, made me realize that if I wanted to grow old with the one I loved I had better recognize that I needed to do something about my weight and health.

The Plan to change

Andy: I contacted John Graham at JGFitness and after some discussions about my current health and objectives decided to sign up for a 50 package session. During that first session, in early February, I didn’t think I was going to make it through an entire hour of exercises I had never even heard of. I thought a ‘Plank’ was something a pirate walked, not an exercise that can strengthen your entire body and gave me new appreciation to how long 30 seconds actually is. Over the last two months, I have been working out with John and Josh 2-3 times a week and made quite a bit of progress. Several times, I have dreaded heading to the gym after a long day but within minutes glad I was there and after one tough day appreciative to begin to incorporate cardio boxing into my routine.

Eating right and Supplementation –  key in making change

Andy: Lack of exercise wasn’t the only cause of my being overweight. Learning how to eat healthier and incorporating the right foods into my diet has also been an adjustment. Trading my nightly chocolate snack for carrots or a few almonds was only one of many changes I have made. Salads, vegetables, tuna fish have become my main meals along with a couple of protein shakes a day. At first I had a tough time giving up all the bread I ate daily, but now rarely grave a piece of garlic bread or toast. A few weeks ago, after having some soreness in my knee, I began taking Kre-Celazine, which is a joint supplement, along with a fish oil capsule that have seemed to help with my post workout aches and pains.

Step by step till the end goal

Andy: Recognising I was ready to improve my health and lifestyle was the first step. Embarking on an aggressive training plan coupled with changing my eating habits was next. The months and years ahead will be the toughest challenge, but I know if I continue eating healthy today and continue to substitute fitness for an evening in front of the TV or at the pub I can slowly and permanently change my lifestyle for the better.  I told John I wanted him to use my before and after photos for me at this year’s Seng Girls Home Auction for bids on his training package. By sharing one of my goals with Shenzhen, I have no choice but to make that goal and deliver photos that will raise some money!

I would like to send a special thanks to Andy for sharing his words with the readers, this will be a great year of fitness and I am greatly looking forward to seeing Andy’s amazing result at the end of the year. Fitness and health is not a complex, difficult process that is to be dreaded. It’s a simple step by step change in habits and staying consistent with your program. We all can do it we just need the right guidance and motivation.

Best in Fitness
John Graham

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  1. We’re so proud of you Andy!! lots of good energy going your way. Hugs from LA.

  2. Nice Andy, great results already

  3. Good deal Andy! I’m sure it will pay off and it’s an inspiration when people make health a high priority.

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