White Horse Laboratories Week 16 Quality Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 16 Quality ReportSince 2009, White Horse has been publishing Weekly Quality Reports. These reports contain lists of part numbers with high electrical failure rates that should be considered high risk. Within these reports, you can also spot trends for overall product quality in the market, industry volume trends, and you can drill into the manufacturers and part numbers to identify highest risk component categories and OCMs.

Inspection: 59% Accept 52% Pass

1. Statistics are calculated as a percentage of all lots dispositioned within the given time period.

2. “Accept” is defined as customer acceptance of report device condition.

3. “Pass” is defined as meeting electrical parameters defined by the agreed upon test plan.

Atmel AT91FR40162SB-CU (Date Code 0914) -

46% failure – ID error and blank-check error (cannot be erased).

Renesas HD64F2168VTE33V (Date Code 0634) – 31% failure – poor pin contact (contaminated and bent pins).

Ramtron FM25L256-G (Date Codes 0534 & 0552) – 11% failure – program and verify error.

Atmel AT16V8BQL-15JU (Date Code 0810) – 29% failure – program and verify error.

International Rectifier HFA30PB120 (Date Code 0542) – 75% failure – high reverse current (>20uA at 1.2KV) and low breakdown voltage.

AVX TAJE108M004RNJ Tantalum Capacitor (Date Code 1048) – 10% failure – high dissipation factor.

Dallas DS2432 (Date Code 1004) – 6% failure – read program error.

Vishay 60EPU06PBF (Date Code 1015) – 88% failure – high forward voltage (above 1.68V with 60A forward current, If).

Microsemi UES1303 (Date Code not marked or labeled) – 100% failure – high forward voltage (above 1V with 6A forward current, If).

IXYS IXFN32N100P (Date Code 0627) – 100% failure – low gate-source threshold voltage, Vgs(th), and high gate-source saturation current.

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