Great Beach Location near Shenzhen – Zen Guesthouse, Dongchong Village

Great Beach Location near Shenzhen - Zen Guesthouse, Dongchong VillageI decided to get away for a few day’s over the May holiday and was fortunate enough to have been told about a hidden gem an hour or so drive from Shenzhen, Zen Guesthouse. Zen is owned and managed by a mixed Chinese and South African couple, Sunny and Rachel. I called the phone number I had been given by my Canadian mate Chris and spoke to Sunny. Sunny is a South African dude who loves to surf. I asked if rooms were available for Sunday to Wednesday and if there was the possibility of transport. By the early evening a driver had arrived at my apartment to take me to Dongchong.

The guesthouse is set back on a hill with a mountain backdrop, 1km from a pristine sandy beach and a few km’s hike to Xi Chong it’s more famous neighbour. I was greeted by Sunny, Rachel and their friend Daniel and of course a bottle of cold beer. We drank until the early hours swapping tales of life in China, eventually I decided to hit the sack and try out the Zen guest rooms. My room had en-suite bathroom, TV and air conditioning. The bed was soft by China standards and I managed a great night’s sleep feeling refreshed the next day.

I woke up for breakfast around 11am, even though officially breakfast finishes at 10.30am Rachel took no persuading in cooking me the English breakfast and serving to me on the roof top terrace. The terrace has breathtaking views of the mountains behind and the sea in front. My breakfast consisted of sausage, eggs, mushrooms, toast, tomato and fresh orange. Again by China standards this was great and set me up for a tour of the local beach area by local guide and surfer Daniel.

The beach was quiet in comparison to Xi Chong, Xameisha, Dameisha etc with plenty of space to have your own privacy. Behind the beach was a sea front restaurant, a shaded BBQ area where you can bring your own food or buy it there. I recommend bringing your own BBQ to the beach as it is a little overpriced on the beach.

Each end of the beach was lined with mountains and hills with coastal paths to explore. Further behind the beach I found a scuba diving shop, a surf shop and a BBQ restaurant by the same chain Obama’s brother owns in Shenzhen. The food here was delicious and great value.

On my second evening Rachel and Sunny invited me for a rooftop terrace BBQ, I was more than happy to accept the invitation. The food was fantastic, as was the company. All you can eat BBQ food was I think 50rmb which is amazing value. Beer was only 10rmb per bottle, wine was also sold at a great price and Sunny and Rachel didn’t mind me bringing my own bottle of vodka to the party either.

Going home Sunny offered me a lift as he works in Shenzhen, at no charge as well!!! I have never experienced such fantastic service before and Sunny said he would be more than happy to give me a lift from Shenzhen next time I want to stay on his way home from work.

Thank you Sunny and Rachel, little Kaden and of course JoJo. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

To reserve a room give Rachel a call on 18922837441 or 13502894212 or 15219493599

Or email Rachel at : rachel.goller@hotmail.com

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  1. We almost didn’t go down after reading the warnings here, but sure glad we did!

    There was no breakfast provided (although nobody told us there would be?) but we had a great bbq on the roof and were able to prepare everything we wanted in the kitchen. Also had some great company with the owners and other guests over drinks.

    Highly recommend if you’re looking for a cheap place to relax near the beach!

  2. Gonna be an awesome weekend at Zen this week, I have the 1921 reposado tequila ready!!!

  3. Terrified,was obviously telling a lie to his family, and found a deserted cave, cause he was not going to waste any money on them.And told them that he was done in, he did not even have the decency to make a fire for them,and cook something for them. No he must be an asshole. So if you are his kids , dont go on holiday with your dad again.??

  4. Do not lay your foot in this deserted place.
    My visit there was life threatening experience for me and my family.
    It’s far far away from the beach, no toilet no water no people welcoming you, no breakfast, no food at all!!!
    No towels no TV, no lights or AC in the rooms.
    No shower, Chinese style toilet baaaaa.

    Only for suicides!!!,
    Thank god we came home safely.
    And my kids survived on near by Chinese store bought muffins.

    For the owner – if you are not serious, close the business!!, come on,??
    Even no one to take our money,
    It’s far from serious.
    I hope people will see this before you delete it as this is the truth!!!

    • As a regular Zen customer I am quite surprised by your post. Life threatening experience! Really?
      I rented the whole guesthouse in July and all rooms had A/C, bathrooms(some western toilets, some Chinese) with showers, TV, towels, staff to feed us etc. Terrified obviously had a bad experience but I can’t believe all the above is true and for one bad experience I know at least 20 people who love Zen. Also knowing Sonny and Rachel if terrified had been brave enough to leave their name and email(not wewe@hotmail.com) I am sure they would be in touch to discuss the issues.
      Finally the beach is a 20 minute walk, I broke my leg around March very badly and walked to and from the beach on crutches many times so able bodied people should have no problem.

      • OK, So maybe it is suitable for young brave people, not families, especially without a car!!
        I have to worn families it is deserted!
        And some Chinese drunk guy’s party all night long as my kids tried to sleep.
        And left the beer bottles and dirt all over the place.
        But No Rachel No sunny No Breakfast, left as fast as we could.
        My husband had to take a lamp from the other room to get us some light.
        The shower had boiling water!!!??
        The TV had no channels.

        If you say July was all fine, they must have neglected the idea and left it for the wolves,
        I rather not say any thing else, as I don’t want anything with these people.
        Who ever is expecting above 2 stars facility, just don’t.

        Maybe I expected too much.
        Coming there with a baby was stupid of me.
        And personally felt badly miss informed, miserable and far far away from home!!!

    • Thank you for your feedback, and sincerest apologies as guesthouse owners also need to take vacations of which we spent a wonderful time in Dubai. Unfortunately we have regular jobs too as the guesthouse we opened was not aimed at the status of the SHERATON with its financial rewards, but more of a place where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy the beautiful nature Shenzhen has to offer. To meet new people and basically hang out. Hence the name ZEN ….

      Regarding your safety:
      On this terrifying night there were 7 of 9 available rooms rented out (your group occupied 4). The other 3 were occupied by regulars: an American and South African couple, an American & Chinese couple, and the last had a German & Chinese couple. I know these three couples very well and certainly don’t find them terrifying, although the Germans humour is an acquired taste.
      There were also 3 Chinese staff on duty during the day and two at night. One of these selflessly taxied you from ZEN to the beach (not his job description). Just curious as to you requesting for rides and yet couldn’t request a towel or …..
      Dongchong Mayor lives directly on the left hand side of ZEN and the local policeman on the right.

      You mentioned:
      It’s far far away from the beach, no toilet no water no people welcoming you, no breakfast, no food at all!!!
      No towels no TV, no lights or AC in the rooms.
      No shower, Chinese style toilet baaaaa.

      And then you mentioned:
      The shower had boiling water!!!??

      It is exactly 976 metres from ZEN to the beach ….
      The water for the shower and toilet comes from the same source! If your room had no water then the complete building would be without, and you could also not have a boiling shower!
      We are not a restaurant however do offer self catering facilities. Although as of last week we pleased to announce that we serve food, limited menu to begin with
      800 metres from ZEN are many restaurants. Ranging from Obama’s half brothers BBQ chain, to seafood restaurants, down to my favorite fried rice shack on the first corner.
      Each room has a built in AC (it can’t walk or be moved, so no sure how yours went on a walkabout but I’m pleased it returned as they are not cheap!)
      Chinese style toilet: It’s a healthier option, and remember we are in China!
      All TV’s work, sorry we can’t install cable TV as TOPWAY is not in Dongchong yet.
      Lights: Sorry we can’t control them breaking, ask staff to replace (the same person who drove you to the beach)
      Towels: Each room has 2, if need more ask staff to replace (the same person who drove you to the beach)

      I would offer you a complimentary week end to compensate for your terrifying experience but it seems you already enjoyed this. On another note, I would like to thank your kids for the wonderful graffiti displayed on our front wall. It’s certainly an improvement from the dull grey look we originally went with…… The projector TV also has more of a charm displaying green colours.

      Feel free to call me anytime on 135 0289 4212 or post comments here.

      All the best,

  5. Looks great – I’m sending an email to check out reservations. You guys should get on a hostel booking website – I couldn’t find you. It makes it easier for booking!

  6. Looks like a great place,Love to you guys

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